The LO-MIX Series utilizes latest MMIC technology to provide a highly stable, low noise signal source (DRO), a mixer and a power amplifier or LNA in one small compact package.


LO-MIX Series is designed to solve the matching issues of LO, MIXER and AMPLIFIER together. All these components are internally matched to save time, space and cost for end-users. LO frequency up to 20 GHz fundamental, and sub-harmonic mixers used for higher frequencies.


LO-MIX Series is available with different models:

  • Free Running LO (LO-MIX100 Series)
  • External Reference PLO (LO-MIX200 Series)
  • Internal Reference PLO (LO-MIX300 Series)
  • External 10MHz Reference PLO (LO-MIX400 Series)


LO-MIX Series models are available with driver amplifier (Up-Converter) or LNA (Down Converter). LO-MIX with driver amplifer up to +25 dBm (optional) is available.


  • Compact LO, Mixer and Amplifier In One Package
  • Wide Bandwidth 2-45 GHz
  • Low Cost
  • One Compact Package
  • Up To + 25 dBm Output Power
  • Low VSWR 2.5:1 Max
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Phase Noise
  • Internal Voltage Regulator


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Model Number

Model Description

Freq Range









LO-MIX100 Free Running LO & Downconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +0 8V @ 150mA
LO-MIX101 Free Running LO & Upconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +7 8V @ 150mA
LO-MIX200 Ext Ref PLO & Downconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +0 8V @ 300mA
LO-MIX201 Ext Ref PLO & Upconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +7 12V @ 300mA
LO-MIX300 Int Ref PLO & Downconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +0 12V @ 400mA
LO-MIX301 Int Ref PLO & Upconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +7 12V @ 400mA
LO-MIX400 Ext 10 MHz Ref PLO & Downconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +0 12V @ 400mA
LO-MIX401 Ext 10 MHz Ref PLO & Upconverter   2-45  DC-8.0    5  +7 12V @ 400mA