Microwave Dynamics has been providing quality DRO’s since 1993. Shipping on time is of major importance to us. We have found that from time to time, the customer needs a part quickly. We stand ready to assist with your small order requirements with 48 hour shipping. This includes Free-Running DRO’s, External Reference Phase-Locked DRO’s, and certain Internal Reference DRO’s. Whether you have a customer changing frequency just before shipment or a failure of some kind, check with us on our 48 hour shipment


Offer applies to Microwave Dynamics’ Free-Running DRO’s, External Reference DRO’s or Internal Reference Phase-Locked DRO’s with an output frequency divisible by 100 MHz. The customer, in most cases, must accept Microwave Dynamics’ standard specs. Quantities will generally be limited to the 1-4 piece range. Contact us regarding larger quantities. Credit must be previously established or order prepaid. Although every effort will be made to ship within 48 hours (working days), Microwave Dynamics will not be held liable for delays beyond our control. 48 hour time period will begin the day after the order is placed.